Shot Blasting Cleaning Line Solution For Automotive Transmission System Components Surface
The power transfer device between automobile engine and drive wheel is called the transmission system of automobile.It should ensure that the car has the necessary traction and speed under various driving conditions, and ensure the coordination between traction and speed and other functions, so that the car has good power and fuel economy;Should also ensure that the car can reverse, as well as left and right drive wheels can fit
Continuous shot blasting cleaning line solution for the surface of automobile body structural parts
Automobile body structure mainly includes: body shell, door, window, headplate parts, interior and exterior decoration parts and body accessories, seats and ventilation, heating, air conditioning, air conditioning and so on.Also included in trucks and special purpose vehicles are trunks and other equipment. Body shell is the installation foundation of all body parts, usually refers to the longitudinal, beam and pillar and so on.
Automotive brake system surface shot blasting cleaning production line solution
Automobile braking system refers to a series of special devices that apply a certain force to some parts of the automobile (mainly the wheel), thus imposing a certain degree of forced braking on it.The role of the braking system is: make the driving car in accordance with the requirements of the driver for mandatory deceleration or even parking;Stable parking of stalled vehicles in various road conditions, including on ramps;Keep a steady speed of cars going downhill.
Shot blasting machine is used in the construction industry of various parts, materials surface blasting cleaning
The construction industry is an industry centering on the design, construction, decoration and management of buildings.Urban architecture is an important part of the city, and architecture is not just an artificial work for people to live, rest and entertainment, it is related to our economy, culture and life in a great way.
Foundry Industry
Casting industry, folk handicraft industry.Foshan is the most developed foundry industry, and the division of labor, strict industrial rules.That is, there are cast copper, cast iron;Copper casting can be divided into four categories: household bronze ware, machinery bronze ware, zhongding bronze ware and one-word bronze ware.Among them, the casting of household copper ware is the strictest. There are many kinds of casting, according to the molding method is traditionally divided into: (1) ordinary sand casting, including wet sand, dry sand and chemical hardening sand 3 categories.(2) special casting, press molding materials and can be divided into natural mineral sand as the main special casting molding materials (e.g., investment casting, mold casting, shell mold casting foundry, negative pressure casting, mold casting, ceramic mold casting, etc.) and metal as the main mold material of special casting (such as metal mold casting, pressure casting, continuous casting, low pressure casting, centrifugal casting, etc.).Casting process usually includes: (1) cast (containers) makes liquid metal solid casting, casting according to the materials can be divided into sand mold, metal, ceramic, mud, graphite, etc., can be divided by use disposable, semi permanent and permanent type, mold preparation quality are the main factors influencing the casting quality;(2) casting metal melting and pouring, casting metal (casting alloy) mainly cast iron, cast steel and casting non-ferrous alloy;(3) casting treatment and inspection, casting treatment including removal of mold core and casting surface foreign matter, removal of pouring riser, shovel grinding burr and seam and other protrusions, as well as heat treatment, shaping, rust prevention treatment and rough processing. Casting process can be divided into three basic parts, namely, casting metal preparation, mold preparation and casting treatment.Casting metal refers to the metal material used in casting production for casting casting, which is an alloy composed of metal elements as the main component and adding other metal or non-metallic elements. Traditionally, it is called casting alloy, mainly including cast iron, cast steel and cast non-ferrous alloy. Precision casting refers to the process of obtaining accurate size casting.Compared with the traditional sand casting process, the casting size obtained by precision casting is more accurate and the surface finish is better.It includes investment casting, ceramic casting, metal casting, die casting, and epc. Precision casting is also called lost wax casting, its products are precise, complex, close to the final shape of the parts, no processing or very little processing on direct use, is a near net form of the advanced technology.
Aerospace Industry
Shot blasting cleaning line solution for parts of bullet train brake system
Bullet train braking system mainly includes the basic concept of brake, brake classification, the emu, mu trains glide control device and control device on the braking system of the emu electrical braking, mu trains friction braking and gear and domestic emu CRH2 and CRH5 emu) composition, working principle and characteristics of the braking system, also the emu brake system are briefly introduced
Marine Transportation Industry
Shot blasting and derusting production line for Marine engineering machinery parts
The rust of the steel plate used in the shipyard will affect the quality of shipbuilding, so it is impossible to use manual derusting, which will be a large amount of work. Therefore, it requires a machine to remove the rust to ensure the quality of shipbuilding, which can be solved by using a series of pass shot blasting machines mainly for the steel plate profile pretreatment line.Now many domestic and international shipyards and steel mills have successfully applied our shot blasting equipment and abrasive products.
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