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After-Sales Quality & Service Guarantee:
NO. Service Range Content
1 Warranty Period The warranty period of the equipment is 12 months after the completion of installation and debugging (except for those caused by force majeure or improper operation, except for normal wear and tear of wearing parts).
2 Within Warranty Period The supplier shall reply to the buyer within 2 hours after receiving the written information about the quality problem, and deal with it by telephone, fax, E-mail, etc.If the problem cannot be solved, the supplier shall send personnel to the site of the buyer for service within 24 hours and restore the function within the shortest time.In case of damage to parts with long purchasing or manufacturing cycle, temporary flexible solutions can be adopted to ensure the continuous operation of the equipment without delaying the production of the buyer.
3 Without Warranty Period The supplier is obligated to answer the technical questions of the buyer and is responsible for lifetime maintenance.In the maintenance of the equipment, only the cost and labor costs will be charged and the equipment will be restored to its proper performance and appearance, and spare parts and accessories will be provided at the most favorable price and the fastest speed.
After-Sales Technical Support:
NO. Supply QTY. Remark
1 Equipment layout (within 15 days after signing the contract) 1 set Electronic Version Buyer confirms countersignature
2 Basic template drawing (within 15 days after signing the contract) 1 set Electronic Version Buyer confirms countersignature
3 General drawing(within 15 days after signing the contract) 1 set Electronic Version Buyer confirms countersignature
4 Manual book 1 set
5 Main purchased parts related documents such as specifications, certificates 1 set
6 Factory certificate of equipment 1 set
7 Shipping list 1 set
After-sales installation and debugging and technical training:
NO. Buyer QTY.
1 Construction drawing design and construction of equipment foundation. Design and manufacture of equipment.
2 Foundation embedded parts (including guide rail). Design of equipment foundation drawing.
3 Foundation fence, ladder, cover plate. Equipment production.
4 Unload and put the equipment after arrival. Transportation of equipment.
5 The equipment of hoisting, welding and cutting and the consumption of electricity and gas during installation. Equipment installation and debugging.
6 Connect the power source and air source to the required position of the equipment. The pipeline between the electric control cabinet and the equipment.
7 Lubricating oil for each lubrication point, hydraulic oil for hydraulic station. Clean and tidy construction site.
8 Crane, pressure vessel and other special equipment safety supervision registration. Specifications, certificates and other technical data.
NO. Training Steps Content
1 Equipment before delivery During the final assembly and test run of the supplier, the buyer shall send 1-2 persons to the supplier for training and learning, and the supplier shall bear the accommodation and meals.
2 After the equipment leaves the factory When the equipment arrives at the buyer's factory, the buyer shall send 2-4 operators and maintenance personnel to participate in the installation and debugging and receive technical guidance and training.
3 Training Content A. Structure, performance and routine maintenance of the equipment.< br / > B. Inspection method of wearing parts;Change standards, cycles and methods.< br / > C. Equipment operation procedures and precautions for safe operation.< br / > D. Technical requirements and methods for debugging.
After-sales equipment acceptance:
NO Training Steps Content
1 Pre-acceptance Equipment pre-acceptance was conducted in the supplier factory: to be the supplier of equipment for each function parts finished installation and debugging, commissioning and load after meet the technical requirements, inviting the buyer to carries on the preliminary acceptance of the equipment before shipment, acceptance criteria, in accordance with the technical agreement signed by both parties shall prevail (due to the buyer's own reason, not to the supplier for equipment pre-acceptance, as a preliminary acceptance of the supplier, just waiting for the supplier to delivery notification).
2 Final Acceptance The final acceptance of the equipment shall be conducted on the site of the buyer: after the supplier completes the installation and debugging of the equipment and meets the acceptance conditions, the buyer shall be notified to conduct the acceptance of the equipment. At this time, both parties shall conduct the acceptance of the equipment within the scope specified in this technical agreement.After the equipment passes the acceptance inspection, both parties shall sign the final acceptance certificate, and the equipment quality warranty period shall start (or the equipment shall run steadily for one month after the completion of debugging, which shall be deemed as the final acceptance and the quality warranty period shall start).
Product standards:
NO. Standards Name Standards NO.
1 General technical specifications for shot blasting/shot peening equipment GB/T 23576-2009
2 Comprehensive standards for the discharge of air pollutants GB16297-1996
3 Noise standards for industrial enterprises GB12348-2008
4 Determination of noise from casting machinery GB/T25371-2010
5 Industrial machinery electrical equipment part I: general technical conditions GB/T5226.1-1996
6 Casting machinery safety protection requirements GB20905-2007
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