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Fuming company are a high quality manufacturer of all types of surface preparation equipment which was founded in 2010 in China and factory area covers more than 20000spm , manufactures of spinner hanger type shot blasting machine, continues shot blast machine, roller conveyor shot blasting machine, rubber belt tumble shot blasting machine, wire mesh shot blasting machine, sand blast booth and sand blaster cabinet. The Centre for Products cover industries such as aerospace, automotive, construction, foundry, shipbuilding, rail, and etc. Each product has a group of highly qualified engineers dedicated to delivering the suitable machine to fit your detailed requirements.
CNC laser cutting machine, water cutting machine, gantry milling machine, imported large CNC machining center, CNC bending machine, CNC vertical, horizontal lathe, welding robot, spectrum analyzer, coordinate instrument, dynamic balance instrument, etc.
Main Processing Equipment

2 Sets Laser Cutting Machines

3 Sets CNC Bending Machines

3 Sets CNC Cutting Machine

1 Set CNC Lathe/Many Sets Ordinary Lathes

1 Set CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Many Sets Auto Welding Machine

Fuming are committed to continuously increasing the added value of our products to exceed our customers' expectations and provide our customers with whole-process solutions.
Equipment Production Performance Advantage
  • All plates adopt drawing input automatic laser cutting blanking, cutting line is accurate, smooth, beautiful, and can achieve no error butt joint, weld quality 100% reach or exceed
    JB/ZQ4000.3 -- 1986 national standard, beautiful appearance, greatly improve the sealing of the equipment, prevent steel shot flying.
  • Our equipment adopts computer 3d simulation design, which is very accurate in the layout of shot blasting machine and the control of heat zone, and maximally avoids the interweaving of heat zone and the collision of shot materials, so as to avoid the waste of shot materials, low work efficiency and no effect consumption of power. reaches the full coverage of projectile material on the workpiece surface, minimizing the projectile dead Angle.
  • The main chamber is equipped with full-manganese steel protective plate, which is installed by lap joint between the protective plates to prevent the breakdown of the chamber body by shot materials, which is convenient for installation and replacement. The continuous service life ofcan reach more than 8000 hours.
  • The shot blasting machine adopts the cantilever high-efficiency shot blasting machine produced by European company technology, and improves and innovates on the original basis, and achieves the characteristics ofenergy saving, high efficiency and environmental protection.The shot blasting machine is welded by machine hand once, and the whole processing method is adopted to ensure the sealing quality and assembly accuracy,and avoid the invalid vibration of the shot blasting machine; wear-resisting blade, shot separating wheel and directional sleeve are developed by our company. Special materials and special processes are processed by full machine (uniform material, weight error is controlled within 2g to maintain good dynamic balance efficiency), which can significantly improve their service life. Wear-resisting life: blade ≥800 hours, shot separating wheel ≥ 1500 hours, directional sleeve ≥ 1500 hours ; avoid frequent downtime for replacement, reduce production costs.
  • The shot blasting equipment assembly test machine adopts load filling shot material test machine, which completely simulates the current situation of use. In the process of test machine (users can participate in pre-acceptance test), the hidden trouble of equipment operation is eliminated, and the one-time installation is completed in the user's site, which greatly reduces the time of equipment installation and acceptance.Before painting, the whole equipment is shot peening and sprayed with protective primer and topcoat (color can be according to user's requirement), which improves the appearance quality and service life of the equipment.
Technology Research And Development And Production Advantages
  • Strong scientific research force is the biggest advantage of Mayflay, the company has all kinds of design professionals , R & D team reached 30 peoples.
  • Advanced manufacturing level and first-class process production capacity is another major advantage of meifrai company.Company locate in making the first brand of domestic shotblast machinery industry, and stronger to do fine, for China's manufacturing progress bold introduction of new thoughts, new technology, new material and failure tolerance idea as the foundation, has the domestic industry's most advanced production and testing equipment: CNC laser cutting machine, gantry milling machine, imported large CNC machining center, CNC bending machine, CNC vertical and horizontal lathe, welding robot, analyzer, three-dimensional, dynamic balancing instrument, such as the above advanced production and testing equipment to ensure the service life of the overall quality of the products and equipment.
  • Perfect pre-sale, sale, after-sales service.The company has a large sales and after-sales installation team in China, to provide customers with quality and fast one-stop service.
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