Shot Blasting Cleaning Line Solution For Automotive Transmission System Components Surface
The power transfer device between automobile engine and drive wheel is called the transmission system of automobile.It should ensure that the car has the necessary traction and speed under various driving conditions, and ensure the coordination between traction and speed and other functions, so that the car has good power and fuel economy;Should also ensure that the car can reverse, as well as left and right drive wheels can fit
Continuous shot blasting cleaning line solution for the surface of automobile body structural parts
Automobile body structure mainly includes: body shell, door, window, headplate parts, interior and exterior decoration parts and body accessories, seats and ventilation, heating, air conditioning, air conditioning and so on.Also included in trucks and special purpose vehicles are trunks and other equipment. Body shell is the installation foundation of all body parts, usually refers to the longitudinal, beam and pillar and so on.
Automotive brake system surface shot blasting cleaning production line solution
Automobile braking system refers to a series of special devices that apply a certain force to some parts of the automobile (mainly the wheel), thus imposing a certain degree of forced braking on it.The role of the braking system is: make the driving car in accordance with the requirements of the driver for mandatory deceleration or even parking;Stable parking of stalled vehicles in various road conditions, including on ramps;Keep a steady speed of cars going downhill.
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