Automatic Sand Blasting Machine
Product Introduction

The blasting machine uses compressed air as a power to form a high-speed jet beam to spray the spray at a high speed onto the surface of the workpiece to be treated to change the mechanical properties of the outer surface of the workpiece surface. Due to the impact of the abrasive on the surface of the workpiece and the cutting action, the surface of the workpiece is given a certain degree of cleanliness and different roughness, so that the mechanical properties of the surface of the workpiece are improved, thereby improving the fatigue resistance of the workpiece, increasing it and coating The adhesion between the layers prolongs the durability of the coating film, and also facilitates the leveling and decoration of the coating, removes impurities, mottling and oxide layers on the surface, and at the same time roughens the surface of the medium to cause residual stress on the surface of the substrate. And the effect of increasing the surface hardness of the substrate.


Hardware,electronics,mould and some small workpiece surface rust cleaning, degreasing, deburring, descaling.

Outstanding Advantages
  • The blasting chamber is made of high quality carbon steel plate;
  • With a 50W-LED explosion-proof lamp;
  • With electromagnetic pulse dust removal system;
  • With a 6mm tungsten carbide spray gun;
  • With a cyclone separation system;
  • With a foot switch and a set of filters;
  • With a set of turntable system;
Contrast Of Sandblasting Products
Before sand blasting
After sand blasting
Working Principle
Sandblasting machine is the category of air conveying machinery. It is in the process of conveying powder particles (diameter 1-4 mm) from one place to another by compressed air in the pipeline and transforming kinetic energy into potential energy, so that high-speed moving sand particles can wash away the surface of the object and improve the surface quality of the object. Before sandblasting operation, the workpiece is sent into the sandblasting chamber, connected with electric and gas devices, and beaten. Turn on the sandblasting lamp, close the main door, hold the sandblasting gun, press the foot switch button, and clean the parts with the sandblasting gun. The sprayed steel shot falls into the pressure tank at the bottom of the sand blasting chamber.
Product Description
1Sand blasting cabinet

1. The blasting chamber is made of steel and welded to ensure sufficient strength.

2. A dust-proof and explosion-proof LED lighting is installed on the top of the blasting chamber.

3. The foot switch determines the start and stop of sand blasting

4. Equipped with a tungsten carbide spray gun and sandblasting tube.

5. Equipped with manual air switch valve, oil water separator and pressure regulating valve.

6. The bottom of the blasting chamber is equipped with a mesh partition. Below the partition is a honeycomb floor, which serves as a storage port for the pellets after blasting.

2 Turntable system

1. The turntable system and the right door are integrated-design. The turntable drive motor and stepper motor are installed inside the trolley, which can automatically enter and exit to achieve automatic loading and unloading process.

2. There is a main turntable on the trolley. The main turntable is made of die steel material and heat-treated whose hardness is greater than 59HRC.

3. The maximum load of the trolley is 100KG, and the maximum installed parts are 1200mm.

4. The outer part of the main body of the trolley is covered with wear-resistant rubber to prevent the steel shot from hitting.

5. The trolley is equipped with a protective cover to prevent the internal drive gear motor being exposed.

6.The trolley and the blasting chamber door are connected. When the trolley enters the blasting chamber, the door is closed.

3Automatic spray gun system

1. When sandblasting, the observation window is used to observe the sand blasting situation.

4Cyclone separator

1. A wind separator system with a full curtain separation system which is good for separation.

2. The rear part of the air separator is equipped with a suction pipe which is used for separating steel shot, sand and dust. The inside has a regulating valve, which can effectively separate the broken steel shots and dust in time.

5Filter dust collectorMDC-12

1.Designed for integration, integrated on the back of the main unit with a filter cartridge inside.

2. Suitable for indoor discharge, dust emission 50mg/m3.

3. With automatic backflushing device,and you can set the backflush interval.

6Electric cabinet

1. Main power two-phase AC: 220V ± 10%, 50Hz ± 2%.

2. The panel is equipped with a pressure adjustment knob, a working pressure gauge, a status indicator, a power switch knob, and the button.

3. Low-voltage electrical appliances: Schneider.

Parameter Introduction

Automatic sand blasting machine parameter sheet + configuration sheet

NO. Name Automatic turntable type sand blasting machine
1 Model MSA-1870-24
2 Air pressure type Siphon type
3 Working mode Automatic siphon continuous sand blasting
4 Sandblasting media Abrasives such as glass sand, ceramic sand, brown corundum, white corundum
5 Application Surface, such as hardware, electronics, molds, etc., rust removal, degreasing, deburring, descaling, surface removal, and pre-treatment processes commonly used in the coating and electroplating industries to improve the surface of coated (plated) layers. Adhesion.
6 Working size (L*W*H mm) 1500*1500*1400
7 workpiece size (L*W*H mm) 1200*1200*600
8 Dust Collector MDC-12 Filter Dust Collector
9 Dust collector fan 4KW 380V/50HZ
10 Light 51W-LED explosion-proof lights (2sets)
11 Gun diameter 8mm
12 Cyclone separator 1pcs
13 Foot switch 1个
14 Solenoid valve 1个
15 Pressure regulating valve 1pcs
16 Pulse valve 1pcs
17 Filter 1set
18 Pressure 5-8KG/m3
19 Blasting glove 1 pair
20 Low-voltage electrical Chint
21 Power supply voltage AC220V
22 Total power 5.6KW
23 Total weight 1.56T
24 Oversize size(L*W*Hmm) 4608*3220*2644
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