2.0mm Cut Wire Shot
Product Introduction

Cut Wire Shot is the media of preference for peening, cleaning, tumbling, and vibratory finishing. It is widely used in wheel blast equipment. It can be of two shapes as-cut (cylindrical with sharp edges) or conditioned (rounded to a sphere).

It is produced by cutting steel wire into lengths equal to the wire diameter; Cut Wire is a single grain size abrasive media with a good life cycle at high blasting velocity. The as-cut shape cut wire shot is normally used in specific desanding applications while conditioned shape cut wire shot is mainly used in shot peening applications (like Automotive & Trucks, Oil & Gas, General Industry, Aerospace, etc.)These cut wire shots are highly durable in nature and can be customized in various specifications. They are high in versatility, and these can be made from various different materials.

Industrial Uses

Cut Wire Shot address numerous sectors since cleaning, surface preparation or shot peening applications are used by many industries as a part of their construction, renovation or repair processes. The main industrial sectors employing steel abrasives are:

1.Automotive industry

4.Petrochemical industry
Outstanding Advantages
  • Most economical, cheap and has the lowest consumption;
  • Consumption 3-4 times less compare to cast shot;
  • No dust formation while used in the process;
  • Provide a faster cleaning rate;
  • Is the environment friendly in nature;
  • Has uniform hardness in all the cut wire shots;
  • Stabilized grain size in appearance;
Contrast Of Products
Before shot blasting
After shot blasting
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