Wire mesh belt shot blasting machines
Product introduction

Mayflay wire mesh type shot blasting machines are excellent for all-around, complete and continuous blasting treatment of flat as well as voluminous and very complex components. With 4 or 8 high power blast wheels, mounted around the housing (both vertically and horizontally inclined), it is also possible to treat very complex components, which have "Pockets" Or difficult to reach areas.


Generally, it is suitable for large scale surface cleaning parts or only one surface cleaning parts.

Outstanding Advantages
  • Using Wear-resistant rubber track+manganese plate;
  • Using advanced wet dust collector system;
  • Using crushed shot secondary separation system;
  • Using high performance P series impeller head (die steel CNC machining + vacuum heat treatment);
  • Using steel shot flow semi-automatic control system;
  • Using roller conveying system with Frequency Conversion Speed Regulation
  • Optional: Magnetic sorting system + spiral pusher sorting + air separation sorting system;
Contrast Of Shot Blasting Products
Before shot blasting
After shot blasting
Working Principle
A highly wear-resistant wire mesh belt, with tension adjustment, provides the part transport. Mesh belt shot blast machines provide a frequency controlled speed variable mesh belt surface on which a variety of parts can be uniformly blasted. The high-quality mesh belt ensures that the workpiece remains in the perfect position to be blasted. As each part is blasted in a controlled fashion this technology is perfect for thin-walled parts which could be damaged when impacting other parts (for example inside a tumble blasting machine). Capable of fully automatic operation the MB-line machines are the perfect shot blasters to improve the quality and consistency of your castings, forgings, or other small parts The special belt guiding enables the lower turbines to blast only through one belt position, which means that any masking is kept to a minimum. Placing several small workpieces side by side on the wire mesh belt can significantly increase the machine throughput. The extensions of the wire mesh belt transport system at the inlet and outlet side facilitate the integration of automated handling systems or robotic loading/unloading units. This kind of machine can be easily integrated into existing or brand new manufacturing lines.
Product Description
1Shot blaster

1. The blasting machine motor adopts ABB with excellent and controllable manufacturing process, good sealing, good dynamic balance and stable and reliable performance advantages.

2. The blasting machine outside shell is made of 10mm high-quality carbon steel plate by laser cutting and precision bending. The shell is welded by special fixture to ensure the parallelism of the two sides of the blasting machine shell and the concentricty of the hole.

3. The top guard plate is precision machined by die steel CNC, and the machining precision is ±0.01. After machining, low pressure vacuum heat treatment is adopted.

4. End guard plate is made of high wear-resistant manganese 13 steel plate by laser cutting.

5. The side guard plate is precision machined by die steel CNC, and the machining precision is ±0.01. After machining, low pressure vacuum heat treatment is adopted.

6. The Orientation sleeve is precision machined by die steel CNC, and the machining precision is ±0.01, with uniform wear and good balance. After machining, low pressure vacuum heat treatment is adopted.

7. The Pill wheel is precision machined by die steel CNC, and the machining precision is ±0.01, with uniform wear and good balance. After machining, low pressure vacuum heat treatment is adopted.。

8. The blades is precision machined by die steel CNC, and the machining precision is ±0.01, with uniform wear and good balance. After machining, low pressure vacuum heat treatment is adopted.

9. The impeller is precisely machined with CNC die steel, and the machined precision is (+0.01). The surface hardness of the impeller can reach HRC58-62 by vacuum heat treatment under low pressure after machined.

10. The service life of the above vulnerable parts is more than three times as long as that of the casting products (shot material: less than S460 (1.5mm cast steel shot), hardness: HRC40-50).

2 Elevator system

1. The elevator is used to lift the steel shots recovered by the screw pusher into the separator and silo.

2.The elevator is made of precisely welded steel plates and can be disassembled in segments. Maintenance and inspection windows are provided for easy maintenance.

3. A drive and deceleration motor is located at the top of the hoist, which acts as the power source of the elevator.

4. The system consists of two precision-machined hubs, one hoist case, one high-performance wear-resistant belt and several alloy hoists formed by one stamping process.

3Sorting system

1. A set of screen separator is connected to the elevator, which is located at the upper end of the magnetic separator. Fine materials are filtered and separated through the screen and then fed into the magnetic separator. Coarse materials and impurities are spirally conveyed to the tail port through the screen and discharged from the port discharge pipe.

2. Used for fine separation of qualified steel shots, crushed shots and dust to ensure the uniformity of abrasives.

3. Welded structure, with a number of well-designed compartments inside, for wind-guided flow. The front is an open overhaul door for daily observation and maintenance. An air inlet is arranged on the door to provide air medium for dust separation.

4. Multipole baffle structure, adjustable. Used to adjust the uniformity of sand curtain.

5. Two static magnets are installed on the upper and lower sides to finely separate the qualified pellets and the crushed steel pellets to ensure the uniformity of the medium used for shot blasting.

6. The qualified pellets are flowed through the silo for storage and ready for reuse.

4Grating induction system

1. Two sets of grating induction devices are installed at the inlet and outlet ports respectively. The grating density can be selected according to the size of the workpiece and used in pairs.

2. When the workpiece enters the shot blasting chamber, the grating at the inlet and outlet will induce the feeding workpiece, and the shot blaster will start delayed. The grating induction device is installed at the outlet. When the grating induction of the feeding and discharging gratings reaches no workpiece, the flow valve will be automatically closed immediately to prevent empty throwing.

5Conveying System with Frequency Conversion and Speed Regulation

1. It is composed of dozens of carbon steel rollers, sprocket chains, mesh belt and bearings. Roller conveying is divided into three sections: feeding section, shot blasting section and discharging section. The rollers are welded by high quality carbon steel seamless steel pipe and quenching head. The shape and installation dimension are welded and processed after welding to ensure load bearing and coaxiality requirements.

2. The mesh belt in shot blasting cleaning area is of high wear resistance.

3. After tempering treatment, the hardness of manganese steel wire is reduced appropriately, and its toughness and plasticity are improved.

4. A drive deceleration motor is installed on the right side of the mesh belt, which drives the mesh belt and the workpiece to run together directly with the driving shaft roller. The transmission speed is 0.5-4 m/min by frequency conversion.

5. There is a roller which plays a guiding and tightening role under the driving shaft. When the wire mesh belt is loose, it can be tightened through the mechanism here.

6. Frequency conversion speed regulation: adjust speed according to shot blasting demand.

6Electrical control cabinet

1. Using Siemens PLC and touch screen

2. Using Delta or BEST converters

3. Use CHINT or Schneider brand low-voltage electrical components

4. Using shot blasting time controller

5. Using ADE aerodynamic components

6. Flow detection ammeter

7. 1 lamp

8. 1 set of special constant temperature air conditioning (optional)

Parameter Introduction

Mayflay Wire Mesh Shot Blasting Machine Parameter Sheet+ Configuration Sheet

No. Name Mayflay Wire Mesh Shot Blasting Machine
1 Model MND-1030P/Q11-4
2 Sorting Configuration Air Sorting
3 Application Pipes, wires and special models which are not suitable for rolling workpiece cleaning
4 Shot Blaster Type CNC/Casting
5 Shot Blaster Qty 4 Pcs
6 Shot Blaster Motor Power 11KW/set
7 Wire Mesh Mn13,Pitch 50-70, 6500mm*1000mm*1622mm
8 Loading(without tooling) ≤100kg
9 11Size of single workpiece(W*H*L) ≤1062*300*1500mm
10 Max. Size of entrance (W*H) mm 1062*300mm
11 Semi-Automatic Flow Valves 4 Sets
12 Automatic Flow Valves Optional
13 Filter Dust Collectors Optional
14 Wet Dust Collector DC80
15 Air Volume (Cubic / H) ≤6000
16 Outward Size Of Machine (L*W*H) 7800*3080*5829mm
17 Machine Size With Dust Collector (L*W*H) 11398*6180*5829mm
18 Total Power + Dust Collector ≤55.1KW+15.12KW
19 Total Weight Bare Machine + Dust Collector 14 tons+2.7tons

Standard Configuration:
1 Electrical cabinet: This machine standard is equipped with radiation fan, optional air conditioning.
2 Programmable controller plc: Siemens (according to customer requirements, other brands can be selected)
3 Touch screen: Siemens (other brands can be selected according to customer requirements)
4 Frequency converter: Best (other brands can be selected according to customer requirements)
5 Power supply voltage: Ac380v three-phase five-wire
6 Low voltage electrical appliances: CHINT (other brands can be selected according to customer requirements)
7 Pneumatic components: ARITAC (other brands can be selected according to customer requirements)
8 Wires and cables
9 Mayflay can also customize various non-standard shot blasting machines according to your requirements.
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