Wet dust collector(Standard)
Product Introduction

Venturi dust collector is a device which makes dust-containing gas contact with liquid (half water), uses inertial collision of water droplets and particles and other functions to capture particles; it is composed of water storage tank, dust collection pipeline, dust chamber, dust removal fan, dust removal pump, mud removal system, dust collecting hopper, cyclone separator, maintenance platform, spray system, explosion-proof window. The ports and other parts are made up of explosion-proof motors, which have remarkable improvement in performance. It can not only meet the dust removal effect with high efficiency, but also effectively control and reasonably remove the hidden safety problems, so that the safety performance is greatly improved with the dry dust collector.


All kinds of industrial dust, washing and purification of harmful gases such as organic odor, absorption and purification of acid and alkali waste gas, flue gas desulfurization of boilers, die casting machine, central furnace, incinerator, chemical pharmaceuticals, food processing, gold treatment, casting, carbon materials, mechanical processing, building materials, tablet press, granulator, mixer, ingredients, mixer, vibrating screen and other industries.

Outstanding Advantages
  • More safe and reliable,explosion-proof;
  • Adopt advanced Venturi structure, more environmentally friendly;
  • Adopt cyclone separation system;
  • The dust emission is less than 20mg/m3, and the environmental protection index meets the European standard;
  • The system has a wind pressure alarm device;
  • Integrated design, maintainability increased by 95%;
  • There are no vulnerable spare parts in the whole machine;
Contrast Of Products
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Working Principle
The fan is coordinated with pump in water dust collector, forming a water curtain in venturi port. Dusty air passes through the venturi at a high speed, and collides with the water curtain after atomization. The atomizing water droplets will be wrapped in dust, enter into cyclone separator. Clean air is discharged into the air by the cyclone centrifugal force, and water with dust discharged into the sedimentation tank. Precipitated water is recycled and precipitated mud is cleaned nto the trolley by the scraper mechanism.
Parameter Introduction

Mayflay Standard Wet Dust Collector Parameter Sheet

NO. Model MWDC-80 MWDC-80F MWDC-100 MWDC-180
1 Application Improvement of Dust Collector/Dust Collector of Shot Blasting Machine
2 Fan power 11KW 22KW 55KW
3 Air volum (Cubic/h) ≤5000 ≤9000
4 Air pressure(Pa/h) ≤6800 ≤7000
5 Noise(db) ≤80 ≤80 ≤80
6 Duct φ250mm φ320mm
7 Dust Emission(mg/m3) 30 30
8 Sludge scraper motor 0.37KW 0.37KW
9 Hydraulic pump 3KW 5.5KW 7.5KW
10 Star Loader 0.75KW 0.75KW
11 Total Power ≤15.12KW ≤17.62KW ≤30.62KW 78.87KW
12 Total weight 2.7T 4.05T
13 Machine oversize(L*W*H)
4955*2870*4320 5206*2872*5424
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