Cast Steel Shot 0.3mm
Product Introduction

Steel abrasives are steel particles that are used as abrasive or peening media.They are usually available in two different shapes (shot and grit) that address different industrial applications.

Steel shot refers to spherical grains made of molten steel through an atomization ("granulation") process, available in different sizes and hardnesses.

Industrial Uses

Steel shot and grit address numerous sectors since cleaning, surface preparation or shot peening applications are used by many industries as a part of their construction, renovation or repair processes. The main industrial sectors employing steel abrasives are:

1.Automotive industry



4.Petrochemical industry

Outstanding Advantages
  • Adopt medium frequency furnace for smelting to ensure high quality molten steel;
  • Using refining furnace to refine molten steel;
  • High speed centrifugal casting;
  • To separate hollow and defective particles effectively, to improve the density of steel shot;
  • Adopt secondary quenching treatment;
  • Using temper treatment,to refine the internal organization;
  • Using fine screening,to comply with American SAE-J444 standard;
Contrast Of Products
Before shot blasting
After shot blasting
Technological Process

Smelting:Using Electric arc furance smelting,steel components can be adjusted to reduce the content of harmful elemental such as sulfur,phosphorus .

Refining:Using refining furnace to refine molten steel,improving the purity of molten steel,then the steel shot can get better material.

Granulation:High speed centrifugal casting forming,effective control the forming quality and reduce physical defects.

Selection:To separate hollow and defective particles effectively, to improve the density of steel shot.

Quenching:Using secondary quenching to refine grains and make the product more compact internal microstructure to enhance the toughness.

Tempering:To refine the internal organization further to reach the requirement of different hardness,to make it's uniformity of the organization and hardness best by precise temperature and time control.

Broken:Unique crushing prcess make the steel grit has better fullness and angularity,to reduce the internal cracks of the steel grit grain as well.

Fine Sieve:To control particle size Precesion,make the products meet the American SAE-J444 standard.

Quality Control
1Hardness Tester

1. No friction spindle,High testing accuracy.

2. Stable construction,High testing efficiency.

3. High precision micrometer readings metering system.

4. Testing process automation,no human operator error.

5. Accuracy class:GB/T4340.2/ISO6507-2 and American ASTME92.


1. To identificate and analyze the organizational structure of various metals and alloys.

2. The instrument is widely used in factories or laboratories to identify the quality of castings,inspect raw materials,or Microstructure analysis after-treatment.

3Three Element Analyzer

1. A newer multi-element analyzer.

2. It is used in detection of variety of elements such as :Si/Mn/P/Cr/Ni/Mo/Cu/Ti of all kinds of material such as:ball mill cast iron,cast iron,ductile iron,alloy cast iron and stainless steel ,carbon steel,low alloy steel,high alloy steel etc. The analysis result is fast and accurate.

4Carbon & Sulfur Analyzer

1. The equipment is one of the high-tech products and a collection of optical ,mechanical and electrical ,computer,analysis technology.

2. It has the advantage of wide measuring range,strong anti-jamming capability,complete functions,simple operation,analysis results accurate and reliable,ti is the ideal analysis equipment of the 2 element of carbon and sulfur in industries determination.

Parameter Introduction

Steel Shot Technology Data

Item Name Steel Shot
Chemical Composition C 0.85-1.20
Chemical Composition Si 0.40-1.20
Chemical Composition Mn 0.60-1.20(S170:0.50-1.20; S110/S70:0.35-1.20
Chemical Composition S ≤0.05
Chemical Composition P ≤0.05
Hardness HRC40-50
Microstructure Homogeneous tempered martensite or troostite
Density ≥7.20g/cm³
External Form Round hollow particles<10%
Model S50,S70,S110,S130,S170,S230,S280,S330,S390,S460,S550,S660,S780,S930

Steel Shot Size Distribution

SAE J444 Steel Shot Screen No. Inch
S930 S780 S660 S550 S460 S390 S330 S280 S230 S170 S110 S70
All Pass 6 0.1320
All Pass 6 0.1110
≥90% All Pass 8 0.0937
≥97% ≥85% All Pass All Pass 10 0.0787
≥97% ≥85% All Pass 12 0.0661
≥97% ≥85% All Pass 14 0.0555
≥97% ≥85% All Pass 16 0.0469
≥96% ≥85% All Pass 18 0.0394
≥96% ≥85% All Pass 20 0.0331
≥96% ≥85% ≤10% 25 0.0280
≥96% ≥85% All Pass 30 0.0232
≥97% ≤10% 25 0.0197
≥85% All Pass 40 0.0165
≥97% ≤10% 45 0.0138
≥85% 50 0.0117
≥90% ≥85% 80 0.0700
≥90% 120 0.0049
200 0.0029
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