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What is the shot blasting?


The shot blasting process replaces the general cold and hot forming process, and the large-scale thin-walled aluminum parts are molded, which not only avoids residual tensile stress on the surface of the part, but also obtains favorable compressive stress to the part.

It should be noted that the use temperature of the parts treated by the shot blasting machine should not be too high, otherwise the compressive stress will automatically disappear at high temperatures, thus losing the expected effect. Their operating temperatures are determined by the material of the part, which is about 260-290 ° C for general steel parts and 170 ° C for aluminum parts.

Shot blasting is carried out under sealed conditions. It has a vacuuming device and automatic painting. It is an efficient automated assembly line operation. Its advantages are:

1 According to the purpose of steel, the specified descaling level can be cleaned and a uniform finished surface can be obtained;

2 closed operation, no dust flying;

3 Applicable to steel plates of 5mm or more, wide flat steel and section steel;

4 fast, high efficiency and stable quality.

The thickness of the abrasive, the pressure of the compressed air (ie, the linear velocity of the ejection), and the time of shot blasting can be adjusted to obtain different shot blasting finishes and processing qualities.

Why do you want to do shot blasting? Many friends have questions. To answer this question, we must first talk about the role of the shot blasting machine. The effect of the shot blasting machine is as follows:

1. The steel sand is struck against the workpiece by high speed, and the scale is peeled off to achieve the effect of rust removal.

2, can turn sanding parts, burrs, etc. to the metal color, and in the later use process, the ability to prevent rust is much improved.

3. The shot blasting machine has a strengthening effect. After the shot blasting workpiece, the hardness and fatigue of the workpiece are improved, and it is not easy to be deformed in the later use.

4. After the oxide scale of the workpiece is knocked out, it is convenient to spray later.

5, many customers now need the workpiece for shot blasting, the level reaches Sa2-Sa2.5.

6. The twisted thin-walled workpiece can be adjusted.

7. Shot blasting machine can achieve no dead angle cleaning.

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