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Shot peening machine is used in the gear and shaft industry


We often observe that the gearbox and main shaft need to be repaired and maintained after the air has been run, especially the transmission chain that has been running for many years. During the transportation and maintenance inspection, large areas of paint will fall off and affect the appearance and surface. quality. At this time, the experts must find a way to solve it. Since not all of them fall off, it is still feasible to try the partial touch up paint, but it is not beautiful. The chemical method has insufficient adhesion of the old paint and the paint is easy to fall off during operation. The most stable and effective is the mechanical method. After the repair, the surface shot peening is used to enhance the adhesion of the paint to achieve anti-corrosion and aesthetic effects. In fact, for the newly processed gearbox, the corresponding surface treatment technology will also be carried out before leaving the factory.

Shot blasting is a cold treatment process. The pellets of the high-speed jet of the shot blasting machine are hammered onto the surface of the workpiece to cause plastic deformation to form a strengthening layer of a certain thickness, which produces favorable residual compressive stress, thereby improving fatigue resistance and resistance. The ability to corrode. Shot blasting can remove old paint film and rust with thickness greater than 2mm on the part. For thin-walled parts or small parts with simple shape, it may be more suitable for slow and fine paint removal.

Pre-peening: Before the parts are shot blasted, the defects of the parts and the burrs of the burrs should be checked first. After cleaning, the corresponding work tools should be made according to the contours of the parts to protect the machined surface from impact.

In the middle of shot peening: the type, size, and shot pressure of the pellets will affect the shot peening. It is necessary to select the pellets and machine parameters reasonably (the shot peening pressure is too large, which may cause depression or notch on the surface of the workpiece).

Post-peening: After the surface treatment, the primer is sprayed as soon as possible to prevent corrosion and rust.

If the customer has a high requirement for finish, it can be coarsely sprayed to achieve the purpose of strengthening, and then fine spray to obtain a better surface finish. Regardless of how it is, shot peening is a fast and effective way to improve the surface quality of parts.

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