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Mayflay New Generation Wet Dust Collector (Color Customized) is Ready to be Shipped


Mayflay New Generation Wet Dust Collector (Color Customized)  is Ready to be Shipped

Through the efforts and cooperation of our engineering and production department, our customized wet dust collector is ready to be loaded , the venturi wet dust collector is developed by Mayflay technical team and some information about the equipment as follows for your reference.

Product Introduction

Venturi dust collector is a device which makes dust-containing gas contact with liquid (half water), uses inertial collision of water droplets and particles and other functions to capture particles;


All kinds of industrial dust, washing and purification of harmful gases such as organic odor, absorption and purification of acid and alkali waste gas, flue gas desulfurization of boilers, die casting machine, central furnace, incinerator, chemical pharmaceuticals, food processing, gold treatment, casting, carbon materials, mechanical processing, building materials, tablet press, granulator, mixer, ingredients, mixer, vibrating screen and other industries.

Mayflay wet dust collector VS peer industry

Our wet dust collector can be customized (including machine function, coolor and so on) in accordance with customer's detailed requirements. Below is color customized machine pictures:

These two wet dust collectors will be shipped to customer site to be installed and believe that customer has highly evalution of our machine.

Any interests and more inforamtion asked pls visit our webiste and contact us.

Thanks for your supporting and reading.

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